Voxlands' Steam Next Fest Demo is a Block-Buster Success!

Voxlands' demo dominates: top-played, wishlists soaring, taking Steam Next Fest by storm!

8 February, 2024 – Voxray Games launched its Voxlands demo during the latest Steam Next Fest, running from 5 to 12 February, and it's already a massive hit.

Immediately after the expansive demo went live, the downloads and wishlists started ticking up in equal measure. The demo seemingly convinced the majority of people to smash that wishlist button after their first taste of the gorgeous voxel adventure, with over 11.000 people wishlisting the game in just 2 days of being live.

What's more, Voxlands is in the top 10 for pretty much any tag that applies to the game (RPG, Open World, First-Person, ...) out of some 1300 games participating. The team at Voxray has been eyeing the charts every day and feeling blessed with the overwhelming player support.

The IGN trailer also drew in over 114K viewers in just a few days, sparking the developers to create a new and improved trailer, touching on some of the feedback they had received.

Voxlands Steam Next Fest Trailer (new & improved version!!):

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About the game

Voxlands invites you to embark on a voxel adventure like no other, where every action shapes the narrative, and the voxel landscape becomes your canvas for both creation and destruction. Get ready to explore, fight, unravel, destroy, plunder, survive, and build your way to greatness!

An indie adventure that seamlessly blends FPS, RPG, survival, and building elements into a unique and visually striking experience, powered by its in-house raytraced voxel engine. Join forces with friends to craft your own narrative and conquer the voxel realms! (Co-op will be added post-demo)

Key features

  • Explore beautiful voxel worlds - Embark on a dangerous journey through meticulously crafted, ray-traced voxel landscapes, featuring captivating locations at every turn.
  • Fight the mutated wildlife! - Confront mutated creatures with a diverse arsenal, ranging from firearms and melee weapons to formidable spells. Watch voxels scatter as you engage in combat, revealing the bare bones underneath your adversaries' pixelated exteriors.
  • Unravel mysteries - Dive into the enigma of the spreading "ooze" that transforms the terrain, as local inhabitants look to you as the solution to their problems. Uncover the secrets behind this phenomenon and embark on a quest filled with intrigue and discovery.
  • Destroy obstacles in your path - Unleash your destructive prowess with tools that allow you to dismantle the environment down to the tiniest voxel. Find creative solutions to problems, or simply revel in the joy of transforming the landscape.
  • Plunder & craft - Scour the hidden corners of the world for chests with rare items, or mine resources and craft them into your desired creations.
  • Survive! - Keep an eye on your health and hunger. Adapt your strategies according to your standing in the food chain and take the necessary precautions.
  • Build new realms - The intuitive in-game editor empowers you to design your own realms. Create unique gameplay challenges by coming up with original new quests.

For more updates on Voxlands, follow the studio on Twitter or join their Discord.

About Voxray Games

VoxRay is a game studio created early 2022 to bring Voxlands to life. It has since grown to a team of about 12 programmers, artists and world designers. The company builds the game based on a custom raytraced voxel engine built by its founder, Wouter van Oortmerssen, which since then has evolved substantially.


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