Untold Tales Announces Exclusive Daily Steam Bundle Sale – Unmissable Deals Await Gamers!

Full Steam ahead!

November 01 2023, Warsaw Poland | Untold Tales is making November the month of rare bundles on the Steam platform. Everyone will find something for themselves, whether they're fans of story-driven games, sims or other genres. Starting November 1st, 2023 Untold Tales will be offering one Steam Bundle at an irresistible price every day for a limited time, making it an absolute must for gamers seeking a unique gaming experience.

Untold Tales, an indie game publisher with a soft spot for unique stories, is excited to announce this special sale to celebrate the gaming community and provide an opportunity for gamers to enrich their libraries with an amazing array of games at unbeatable prices. Every day, for a limited time, Untold Tales will feature a different Steam Bundle, carefully curated with some of the most popular, highly-rated, and sought-after titles. From action-packed adventures to mind-bending puzzles, these bundles are designed to cater to gamers of all tastes and preferences. What makes this sale even more special is the pricing – each daily bundle will be available at an incredible price that is sure to leave gamers delighted. It's a golden opportunity to grab games that you've been eyeing for a while or discover new favorites without breaking the bank.

"With this daily Steam Bundle sale, we aim to make top-quality games more accessible to everyone. We want to make gaming a source of joy and entertainment for our customers. We are fully aware that now, more than ever, gamers are very financially conscious. Therefore, together with other publishers, we will offer them a series of bundles that truly embody the term 'great value for money. " says Pawel Skaba, Head of Marketing at Untold Tales. 

To participate in this daily extravaganza, gamers should visit Untold Tales' dedicated landing page [www.untoldbundles.com] or follow Untold Tales’ social media channels for updates on the daily bundles. Each bundle will be available for a limited time, so be sure to act fast and secure your favorite games at unbeatable prices.

Despite the fact that Untold Tales has been primarily known for story-driven games in the past, their portfolio now includes an increasing number of games from entirely new, previously unexplored genres. This is not coincidental. In the near future, this publisher will be showcasing completely new games that fully reflect current market trends.

We feel great in the genre of story-driven games, and that won't change. However, we recognize that the market and players' needs are constantly evolving. Therefore, we want to venture into genres such as action-RPGs, action games, as well as tactical and turn-based games. Thanks to our complete operational independence and the gradual expansion of our publishing and marketing team, we are fully equipped to handle the release of any game” - says Maciej Laczny, CEO of Untold Tales. 


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About Untold Tales:

Untold Tales is an indie game publisher that aims to deliver fun and entertaining games that are built around interesting stories. The type of experiences that deliver remarkable joy and narrative to players, be it on PC and consoles. https://untoldtales.games/

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