Transform Your Tabletop RPG Experience with Realm Architect: The Ultimate Worldbuilding VTT – Live now on Kickstarter!

TTRPG fanatics rejoice! Realm Architect is here to combat GM fatigue and early Kickstarter backers can reap the rewards. A project so promising, even Jeff Cannata got involved.

1 MAY 2023 – ​ Realm Architect, an easy-to-use immersive worldbuilding VTT that will make lighten the burden on game masters everywhere, launched its Kickstarter campaign today.

Realm Architect is a new Virtual Tabletop solution with a modern and intuitive user interface. It completely changes the way you create and play TTRPG campaigns, makes it easier than ever before to set up entire worlds, or Realms as they are called here, and removes the time-consuming stress of preparing everything down to the most minor of details.

Check out the Kickstarter here:

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Coming soon: Realm Architect: an easy to use, Immersive Worldbuilding VTT
Finally a place for your TTRPG maps & campaigns! Comes with 5E OGL pre-loaded, Drag & Drop tokens, an immersive worldbuilder and more!

Realm Architect is MORE than just another Virtual TableTop

  • It uses a VTT base as the blueprint, with all your data available in a digital platform
  • but layers the accessibility of (single-player) RPG videogames on top,
  • and adds easy-to-learn worldbuilding tools Game Masters have been craving.

Realm Architect's Kickstarter Trailer:

Why yes, you heard correctly, that is Becca Scott from Geek & Sundry and Good Times Society, she's been the voice for Dungeons & Dragons as well as Magic: The Gathering, and now she's warming you up to Realm Architect!

Press kit: Prototype: ​ ​
Press contact:

About Realm Architect

As life goes on, game masters often find themselves with a lack of time to invest in their running campaigns. Fatigue sets in, and they risk losing their motivation to plan ahead and gather all the resources or inspiration needed for the next session.

The team behind Realm Architect tried a lot of VTT solutions themselves, and understand the struggles all too well. Other tools require too much time to set up or require the GM to almost have an engineer's degree worth of technical know-how.

That's why the mission of Realm Architect is to empower players & creators in the TTRPG space to experience and create the best stories ever told with their immersive and easy-to-use worldbuilding VTT.

Key features

  • Drag & Drop: The ease of use in Realm Architect is next to none, with zero coding required. Every essential element is right there for you to drag & drop onto your map.
  • Easy to use codex: Whether you want to upload your own character sheets and monster manuals or use existing ones, it's as easy as the click of a button.
  • No notes required: Our automated systems keep track of player HP, status effects, and even buffs & boons that affect your die-rolls. No need to write anything down, we do all the grunt work for you!
  • Build Realms, not maps: You can navigate from the world map, to a town center, and waltz into the inn with a few clicks, no need to load separate scenes.
  • Plug & Play: Realm Architect will have ready-made content for you to adventure through. Choose from campaigns made by experienced GMs and veteran publishers and find whatever your thrill-seeking heart may require.
  • Make it your own: the UI will be customizable so the look & feel of the interface matches your campaign. Going for a Lovecraftian horror setting or a cyberpunk sci-fi thriller? Everything is possible.

Exclusive D&D One-Shot Adventure By Jeff Cannata

The Realm Architect team recorded an epic D&D one-shot adventure at a gorgeous location in Thornbury Castle and none other than Jeff Cannata, from Dungeon Run was the DM. This was a perfect moment to showcase the way Realm Architect can be used, yet it was not the main act and instead played the role of supporting character, facilitating the story being told.

The One Shot recording will be shared at a later date, so keep an eye on the Realm Architect Kickstarter and social media accounts.

So what did Jeff think of Realm Architect after his first campaign with the tool?

And here are two more videos with Jeff Cannata's personal feedback:

About the architects

Realm Architect is helmed by a passionate trio of friends, motivated by their drive to make TTRPGs more accessible to both veteran roleplayers, as well as fledgling new recruits. They noticed the growth of their treasured hobby was limited by the number of people entering and leaving the space as game masters, so they decided to help reduce the barrier to entry!

They are aided by Polygoat, an experienced Belgian game development studio that is well-equipped to bring their vision to life. Polygoat prepares the attention-grabbing visuals and helps code the tool. 

For more information on Realm Architect, visit or follow Realm Architect on Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. You're also welcome to join the community on Discord where you are free to ask the developers any questions you may have or share your campaigns and realms with others.

About Realm Architect

Realm Architect is a Belgian-made Virtual Tabletop with worldbuilding that makes it easier for game masters to get started with their own TTRPG campaigns. ​

Copyright © 2023 Realm Architect, All rights reserved. 



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