Stilt springs onto VR platforms this March

Get ready to leap and bounce in VR on Steam, PS VR2 and App Lab

20 FEBRUARY 2024 – Rekt Games and VRKiwi are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Stilt, their vibrant first-person VR platformer, on PlayStation VR2, Steam, and Meta's App Lab on March 8, 2024

Stilt springs to life as a vibrant VR platformer, bouncing with inspiration from classic favorites. Jump into action, using your lightning reflexes and puzzle-solving prowess to leap through levels, reclaiming lost gift packages and stamps on your journey.

With your wits and stilts, soar over chasms, evade traps, shatter obstacles, and give pesky creatures a friendly bounce on the noggin. Uncover hidden power-ups to supercharge your stilts with a plethora of abilities, turning every hurdle into a springboard for success!

Stilt will be available for purchase on Steam VR, Meta Quest, and PlayStation VR2, and will be priced at $19.99. Additionally, Steam users can enjoy a 10% launch discount.

Any press or creators eager to jump in can request a review copy here:

Request a Review Copy

(or get in touch with Lauri from VRKiwi)

Stilt Full Release Trailer:

Press kit:
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About the game

Stilt launches players into a vibrant VR platformer experience, bouncing with inspiration from classic favorites. Navigate through its colorful levels using quick reflexes and adept problem-solving skills while gathering lost gift packages and stamps. With the aid of your wit and stilts, bounce over chasms, sidestep traps, dismantle obstacles, and engage with creatures along the way. Discover hidden power-ups that add an extra spring to your step, allowing you to ascend to the pinnacle of stilt mastery.

Engage in diverse PvP arenas, each offering unique modes. 'Smack-em-all!' encourages skillful bounces to send opponents into the sea, while 'Area Bash' tests your agility within a shifting boundary. Navigate 'Electric Tag' carefully to avoid zaps and aim for balloon-popping success in 'Balloon Hunt'. Between matches, explore the lively lobby area to meet fellow players and gear up for your next bouncy adventure.

Key features

  • VR platforming: Use your quick reflexes and problem-solving skills to progress in a world filled with danger and excitement. Your arms are your legs. Use the motion of your arms and hands to run and jump.
  • Explore & collect: Hunt down all the hidden stamps, beat your best times, and solve puzzles as you make your way to the top of the towering volcano.
  • Power-ups: Unleash the magic with power-ups that let you fly, grapple and swing like a champion, and hurl fireballs. Upgrade your stilts and turn every obstacle into an opportunity
  • 4 Multiplayer modes: Challenge your friends in PvP mode and show them who is the true Stilt master! Or hang out in the interactive lobby where you can freely roam around.

For more updates, follow the developers on Twitter or join their Discord!

About Rekt Games

Established in 2017 and revamped in 2022, Rekt Games is your go-to destination for VR fun, proudly based in Örebro, Sweden. We’re currently just a duo of dedicated developers, on a mission to bring awesome VR experiences to our players' fingertips. With a strong emphasis on free and unrestricted movement, we aim to create an exciting adventure that leaves a lasting impression on our players.

We're all about embracing our creative side, working side by side like the best of buddies, and continually raising the bar for ourselves. Dive into our games for a virtual adventure where every moment is infused with passion, laughter, and a whole lot of fun! Join us as we shape the future of VR gaming.

About VRKiwi

VRKiwi is a VR game studio and publisher. Their first VR game, Cave Digger, was a huge success and helped them grow to be the largest VR game developer-publisher in Finland (with Cave Digger at one point reaching 2nd place just behind Beat Saber on the Meta Store). Inspired by the success of Cave Digger, they continue to make new games and their goal is to help other devs by bringing great VR games to players around the world!

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