Screenplay CCG is Ready to Roll The Camera on its Early Access Release In May!

Lights, Cards, Action! Step into the Director's Chair in the Hilarious World of ScreenPlay, a Comedic Card Game coming to Steam Early Access on May 13th!

2 MAY 2024 - German indie-studio Comico Games is excited to announce the upcoming Early Access release of their comedic card game, ScreenPlay CCG!

Roll out the red carpet, because the laughter-packed digital collectible card game, ScreenPlay CCG, is about to hit the scene! From the comedy masterminds at Comico Games, known for their love of tickling the player's funny bone, comes a cinematic delight that will keep fans of card games entertained for hours.

Dive into the action today with the free demo, or grab your popcorn for May 13th, when the full movie-themed card game hits Early Access at no cost – yes, you heard right, ScreenPlay CCG will be completely free to play! (with optional in-game purchases for those looking to deck out their collection)

Any press, streamers or other content creators interested in receiving an exclusive code that gives access to free packs & in-game currency can submit a request here:

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About the game

ScreenPlay CCG is a comedy-driven digital collectable card game set in a wacky movie-making universe. Imagine the very characters that we enjoy seeing on screen are now also the ones creating the movies off-screen with their own crew and set. Players get to use these characters and hilarious tropes from different film genres to create their movies, employing strategy and anticipation to defeat opposing filmmakers.

Inspired by VS fighting game mechanics, ScreenPlay brings an original spin to traditional CCG gameplay. Predict your opponent’s moves and outmaneuver them in the cut-throat movie-making business. Attack, dodge, perform or use the various special abilities of your Lead characters to bring you closer to victory!

Key Features

  • Simultaneous turns - No more waiting for your opponent to think through their turn. Each player frames their scenes in advance. Then filming begins, and all of your plans go against what your opponent had in store for you.
  • Multiple paths to victory - Choose wisely which cards to play and when to play them, whether you want your characters to attack, dodge, or act out performances. You can achieve victory with various strategies.
  • Each Game a Story - The game revolves around your lead characters and furthering their character arcs. They come from all kinds of movie genres and have unique special abilities and thematic cards that perfectly fit their thematic background.
  • Endless combinations - Pick a combination of three leads and build a 40-card deck to support them. Gain Narrative Points that further your leads' story arcs. To win, you need to complete 2 of your lead character’s story arcs.
  • Comical Cast - Will you play as Richard Spade, the washed-up detective and rely on better information to out-predict your opponent with noir tropes? Or will you play as Illuminati Lizard and revel in the death of your own characters? With over 22 different Leads and many more to come, the possibilities are countless!
  • Multiplayer Tournaments - Challenge other players across the world and aim to become the very best. Complete daily & weekly challenges as you climb in the ladders to reap the rewards and unlock more cards to play with.
  • Constant updates! - Every three months, new card expansions are added to the game, keeping the metagame fresh and unsolved. Every expansion unleashes new movies, new leads, new deck-building strategies, and new game modes.

For more updates on the game, wishlist on Steam, follow @screenplayCCG on Twitter ​
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Official Screenplay CCG Discord.

About Comico Games

What happens when comedians, film enthusiasts, and game developers collaborate? Comico Games is a Germany-based indie studio with a mission to craft innovative games that blend humor with appeal, captivating a broad audience. They ensure their games possess the strategic depth required to continuously engage seasoned gamers.

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