Goblin Camp Is A Deep & Characterful Colony Simulator With a Finnish Mythology Twist! - Demo Out Now for Steam Next Fest

The 3D return of a classic ASCII city-builder, download the demo and dive into a beautiful fantasy world!

May 30th 2024 - Finnish indie game studio Korppi Games is pleased to announce that their first game, Goblin Camp, will be participating in Steam's June 2024 Next Fest. Goblin Camp will be out in Early Access later in 2024.

Goblin Camp is a fresh look at the colony simulator genre. Drawing inspiration from classic fantasy and Finnish mythology, Goblin Camp delivers a mellow take on city-building in a beautiful but dangerous northern forest. Explore a unique world populated by spirits: harness their power to cast mighty spells, or anger them and face the consequences! The game features exclusive music by video game composer Henri Sorvali (also known from Moonsorrow, Finntroll), showcasing the traditional Finnish instrument, the kantele. The music and art combine to deliver an experience of a vibrant natural world and its changing seasons.

Check out the demo & wishlist the game:

The original Goblin Camp was an ASCII freeware game first published in 2010, and it's now been re-imagined in full 3D glory by a team led by the original developer. Its roguelike heritage shows in the use of procedural generation to simulate a glacial landscape, and a dynamically growing forest that responds to your actions. Other technical highlights include advanced water and fire simulations, and centralized manager interfaces that make it easy to scale gameplay from a tiny village to a bustling city. These manager interfaces, combined with far-reaching goblin autonomy, free the player from micromanaging the camp and let them concentrate on developing their growing civilization.

Goblin Camp - Official Trailer:

Press kit: goblincamp.com/press.html
Website: goblincamp.com
Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/2431980/Goblin_Camp
Discord: discord.gg/RdTz3zUdJJ
Contact: press@korppigames.com

About the game

In Goblin Camp, the player takes charge of a small settlement of goblins in the northern forests. Deep simulation mechanics capture the unique challenges of surviving the harsh boreal winters. Players will explore a living fantasy world inspired by Finnish mythology, and learn to manage their growing and quirky population of goblins through easy-to-use interfaces. Goblin Camp is a modern and northern take on fantasy city-building.

Key Features

  • An Evolving Settlement - Build your colony from a small encampment to a bustling city, managing a growing population of goblins with their individual personality quirks and abilities.
  • A Dynamic Environment - Play on procedurally generated maps with simulated glacial landforms, in a beautiful living forest that evolves in response to your actions.
  • A World of Spirits and Magic - Experience a unique fantasy world inspired by Finnish mythology, interact with spirits and cast powerful spells ​
  • Information at Your Fingertips - See everything you need to know about your camp at a glance in easily accessible manager interfaces.
  • A Complex Challenge - Enjoy a rich settlement-building experience in a multi-faceted, living fantasy world.

About Korppi Games

Korppi Games is an independent Finnish game studio, staffed by veterans of game development at companies like Rovio, Boomlagoon, Seriously Digital Entertainment and Next Games, and an academic researcher with peer-reviewed publications and expertise in history and religious studies. This combination of skills and knowledges allows Korppi Games to create deep, thoughtful game experiences.


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