Floramancer: Seeds & Spells is Sprouting on March 5th

Defend Earth’s last forest against the machines humanity left behind by growing spells in your garden!

13 FEBRUARY 2024 - Floramancer: Seeds & Spells will be released on Steam March 5th!

Get ready to embark on a blooming adventure unlike any other as solo developer Joe Sullivan unveils Floramancer: Seeds & Spells, a genre-bending fusion of farming and combat. Sullivan has cultivated his skills through years of freelancing and a flourishing iOS game, to bring you his most ambitious project yet.

After having a successful Steam Next Fest, it’s time to release the game to the public. It was received well due to its unique nature (literally) and is still looking for wishlists to ensure the game's launch is even more successful!

(Be sure to check the interview with GameRant for more behind the scenes info!)

Floramancer: Seeds & Spells will bloom on Steam on the 5th of March and will be priced at $8.00 with a 25% discount!

Floramancer: Seeds & Spells' Release Date Trailer:

Any press, streamers or other content creators interested in covering Floramancer can request a review code here: forms.gle/3Mcwdh6tpnt6JA4t8 (Embargo: March 1st!)

Presskit: google drive

About the Game

Floramancer: Seeds & Spells is an action/farming game where you grow spells and use them to fight and explore a magical procedurally generated forest. Grow spells! ​ Fight robots! ​ Save your forest from deforestation.

All spells are different and are as strong as their seed. Water can douse flames and shock enemies, air deflects bullets and aids in growing fire plants, earth shoots fast-moving spikes and can mine through rocks, and fire clears paths through obstacles, and much more!

Key Features

  • Dozens of unique Seeds/Plants/Spells that all have various uses for combat, exploring and nurturing plants. ​ 
  • Extremely interactive procedural environment with tons of enemies and obstacles.
  • Beautiful pixel art style that helps bring the spells to life!
  • Short but sweet, with 4 to 7 hours of main content.

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